TORONTO NEW LEASING: 18,579sf at 830 Dixon Road

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We are pleased to welcome Clearpoint Health Network to our Toronto Portfolio.

Clearpoint Health Network is a independent medical facility that provides surgical options for their patients through a wide range of surgical specialities across the Canada. They work with over 250 surgeons and source the highest quality equipment and latest technology available. This allows them to focus on the individual patient and their unique needs. Clearpoint works with governments across the country to  provide access to procedures with long wait lists. In addition, instead of going abroad for private treatment, Canadian residents have the opportunity to remain in Canada and receive the expedited care they need. They also have extensive experience and the capability to offer access to Canada’s high quality and respected healthcare system to interested individuals from outside Canada.

They are scheduled to open early part of 2022.

Head office

190 Attwell Drive
Suite 100
Toronto, Ontario
M9W 6H8

Phone: (416) 679-0999
Fax: (416) 679-0996


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