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As professionals in our industry and our part of the world, we are nothing if not an optimistic group.  The events of the last few weeks have challenged each and every one of us to retain our strength and positivity. From our standpoint, Real Properties has been trying to define the new normal and re-construct our practices so that the optimum levels of safety are established for tenants and visitors to our buildings. The drop in the price of oil has compounded the challenges that COVID – 19 presented in Alberta and we are hearing on a daily basis the impacts of these factors on many of our tenants and their employees.

There is no doubt that the events of the last few weeks will have a significant impact on the way our industry evolves over the next weeks, months and even years.

The former Dallas Cowboys football coach, Jimmy Johnson, once said that the difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra. As we all emerge into this new world we are pleased to present that little extra. Many of your tenants looking for a new location will need the ability to distance their staff properly in their day-to-day operation. In order to meet that need, plus the necessity for term flexibility, we have identified a number of suites that are move-in ready where we can offer the following:

  • Terms of 6 – 12 months
  • Quick-sign Gross Leases
  • No credit checks
  • Deposits equal to 1 month Gross Rent
  • Immediate Occupancy
  • Start date in the month immediately following occupancy
  • Gross Rates of Operating Costs plus $1 psf
  • Rent to be applied to only 2/3 of the actual rentable area (“Adjusted Area”)

Fine Print

  • Limited time Offer
  • Specific Suites Onlys
  • Qualified Tenants

Please call us for more information and further details.

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